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Behind the Camera – Mother of Dragons: Second Attempt

“A cold wind was blowing from the north, and it made the trees rustle like living things.”

― George R.R. Martin, A Game of Thrones

Mother of Dragons 4

After countless months of cancelations and rescheduling, we managed to finally choose a suitable date to drive up to Dorset again to continue the photo series. There were other alternatives such as to shoot at the Black Park but I had my heart was set on West Lulworth. It would have been pretty awesome to shoot the first part of series whilst it was snowing in London but the weather was unbearable and of course Julia couldn’t bare it! As it was getting a lot warmer I thought this would be the best time to continue the photoshoot, I was little worried as I checked the weather forecast and it was predicted to rain. Good thing this didn’t happen during the shoot but on the way back to London, the rain was beastly. As soon as we arrived in West Lulworth the weather seemed quite decent, it wasn’t spitting, windy or hot…just a mixture. As Julia needed to be back in London around 7ish so we could not waste any valuable time. We made our way to a spot where I first shot my self-portrait as the large rocks are so beautiful, the scenery needed to be re-captured.  Julia was wearing sandals so I wondered if it would be a struggle for her to jump over the rocks without her foot getting stuck but she managed to avoid that from happening which was a relief. I love working with Julia as she puts so much effort into these photoshoots as she brings out joy and humour. As mentioned in my previous posts I’m not so good with directing my models on how to pose, I always just say to them to just go with the flow and just have fun.

I prefer for my photoshoots to be more laidback and I don’t want to ever feel that I’m putting pressure on the people I work with as I think it’s important not to just focus on a good working relationship but also a friendship. During the moments I’m very much in the zone and I don’t always acknowledge my surroundings, by that I mean when I’m so focused on taking photos there not much for Maisie and Elisha to do. Every now and then I suggest that they could film or take photos for the behind the scenes footage but I don’t want to feel like I’m taking too much direction. I try to include them as much as possible as I am open to any suggestions and anything I could improve on. It’s always good to work as a team and bringing ideas together as it makes a huge difference. Whilst taking photos of Julia I wanted to focus more on the aspect of different angles to capture her in a different light as if she doesn’t notice that I’m even holding a camera. At the last minute I managed to find a crow decoy from an online Halloween store (only £10 which was a bargain) as I kept replaying a line which is mentioned in the TV series “Did you send the ravens?” This concept was definitely a favourite of mine as that Raven was very much lifelike and once I saw the results, the photos felt more natural as I wanted to avoid the whole idea of Julia posing with the crow. This is why I prefer capturing those effortless moments as it feels more real as if Julia was trying to whisper something to the Raven. As I named the project ‘Mother of Dragons’ I browsed online for a small dragon figure and an egg but I was trying to figure out a creative way to merge  this idea without it looking out less believable. Using the sword for most of the series fitted so well as Game of Thrones focuses on subjects such as battles, survival etc. Julia was fighting for something which I wanted the project to illustrate empowerment but mainly for women.

Mother of Dragons 7

When I’m photographing the model from different angles I sometimes don’t mind what I have to do to capture that perfect shot, even if it does involve getting mud all over my grey leggings after lying on some rocks haha. There were a lot of steep hills to climb which I didn’t mind so much because I like to go above and beyond in my photoshoots, plus it does favours for strengthening my legs.  Creating conceptual work can both be fun and frustrating as you may not be able to photograph a portrait in particular but as long as you take advantage of the space you’re using, new ideas will blossom. After that we made our way down to the Lulworth Cove where I wanted to use the props such as the dragon egg and crown. It started to get a tad bit crowded so we needed to be quick with the shots. I thought it would be cool to get Julia to stand on a stone with the shore but the water was freezing and the footpath looker rather steep so we couldn’t sadly. When I first attempted to do the self-portrait focusing on this theme I knelt down and felt the unsettling coldness, didn’t think to bring a towel. I had such a blast shooting this series with the girls as we all got on very well, we laughed and we joked and shared stories. The best way to end the shoot was to treat ourselves to some fish and chips! Overall I was very happy that we finally got to complete this series as I thought that due to having to reschedule the dates, we weren’t going to finish it but luckily we did as I couldn’t let these ideas  to waste.

Everyone else had a great time taking part in this shoot and we’re already planning to collaborate again. It was pleasure working with Julia once again as she got into character and smashed it! After looking through the photos and videos I was extremely pleased with the outcome, from viewing the footage as I could see that Julia was having way too much fun with that sword; I should have let her keep it!


27 Year Old Portrait, Conceptual & Lifestyle Photographer

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